Pick The Best Circle Lens For You

Published: 23rd June 2011
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The popularity of circle lenses has been on the rise most likely due to advances in their design and style. Customers preferring circle lenses find them in a greater variety of attractive colors. Also today`s circle lenses are a lot more comfortable and less costly than ever, contributing to the trend. Young individuals, specifically people with active lifestyles and busy schedules, find contacts a much more practical option over glasses.

Cosmetic lenses can be real fun and can be dramatic depending on the colour you choose. If you are thinking of getting yourself a pair, here are a 10 fantastic tips to help you in figuring out which lens is best for you.

1. Girls who wear makeup ought to consider their traditional makeup shades before choosing circle lens colors and select accordingly. If you normally use shades of green or blue in your eye makeup, you ought to opt for a contrasting circle lens color to add variety to your eyes.

2. Enhancement tint contact lenses are for people who want to augment their eye color however not as dramatically as the colours opaque tints show. Individuals with light eyes will enhance their color to a darker hue, for instance, for a more intense, penetrating look. These circle lenses can also brighten the tint of your eye, making them more expressive.

3. Brides ought to pick color lenses that enhance their femininity. These can be soft blues and greens as well as browns. Also bear in mind the season of the wedding - summer, fall, winter or spring. If you have got a theme, then pick colors accordingly. Another tip would be to choose a tint that compliments your bridesmaids' dresses.

4. If you are looking for a crazy or theatrical effect, there are various cosmetic lenses that allow the wearer a selection of dramatic and colorful appearances. Get creative and have a good time with these lenses cause you want your eyes to stand out.

5. Those that want to appear sweet, kind and attractive should choose blue circle lenses. Survey respondents attributed blue eyed people to possess such traits. Thus changing your eye color to these hues can make your new friends associate you with such character traits.

6. For a hipper look, you can go with a "wilder" color, that doesn't represent the human eye. Such colors range from pink to yellow. All of them work very well for parties, Halloween or theatrical performances.

For formal occasions like weddings and private parties where you're trying to see and be seen, don't select cosmetic lenses that will clash together with your make-up and clothing. This will only make you appear too casual for the event. It is best to be conservative by choosing an eye color just like your make-up.

8. If you want to change your look often, think about getting 2 pairs of lenses with different shades. This way you can select a more subtle color for everyday wear, and find circle lenses that can make a daring statement for special occasions. Your circle lenses will become another fashion accessory to make you look your best.

9. A variant of this approach would involve selecting an "unnatural" hue that blends well with your natural coloring. Thus, if you have brown eyes, you'd want lenses that are purple.

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