Top 10 Circle Lens Tips

Published: 23rd June 2011
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The popularity of circle lenses has been on the rise most likely due to advances in their design and style. People preferring circle lenses find them in a greater variety of appealing colours. Also today`s circle lenses are far more comfortable and less costly than ever, contributing to the trend. Young people, especially those with active lifestyles and busy schedules, find contacts a more practical selection over glasses.

The following are ten tips before ordering circle lenses online:

1. A good method to enhance your circle lenses is to drape yourself with accessories of the same shade as the lenses. Purple earrings highlight purple eye color; a green pendent highlights green eye color and so on. Avoid wearing outfits that match your eye color; the clothing will diminish the lenses.

2. Enhancement tint contact lenses are for individuals who want to enhance their eye color but not as dramatically as the colors opaque tints show. People with light eyes can enhance their color to a darker hue, for example, for a more intense, penetrating look. These circle lenses will also brighten the tint of your eye, making them more expressive.

3. You can decide on your color based mostly on popularity. The majority of individuals go with circle lenses which match the natural eye color, which is brown. If you'd like to go against what most individuals like in circle lenses the next colors most individuals like are green lenses, followed by amethyst, then blue.

4. Costume lenses are circle lenses that provide special effects to the eyes like animal eyes, white lenses, glow-in-the-dark etc. Although these will be fun at a Halloween party, try to only use these at costume parties.

5. People who want to look sweet, kind and sexy should go for blue circle lenses. Survey respondents attributed blue eyed individuals to possess such traits. Thus changing your eye color to these hues can make your new friends associate you with such character traits.

6. If you're planning to wear your circle lenses each day, make certain you choose a color choice that enhances your regular, everyday lifestyle. The alternative is to shop for several pairs of diverse colours for variety.

7. Check for previews of the circle lenses before ordering. Many vendors offer previews of how the lenses look when worn. This can show you how the various colours they offer will really look on you. If you are unsure or wavering between 2 choices, looking at the previews might help you to make a decision.

8. If you have got dark eyes, you may ideally need lenses with a tint and deep opaque color for you to experience any transformation. This goes along with a bright shade color lens for your choice since lenses which are more translucent and have light hues can be overcome by dark eye colors.

9. If you are more shy and reticent, you will prefer to stick with a visibility tint lens which does not really affect the natural color of your eye, therefore attracting as little attention as possible. They are designed to blend in with your existing eye color while still providing the corrective lens needed for good vision.

10. You can match the circle lenses along with your dress for the night.

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